Picture framing glass (glazing) provides a barrier between your art and the environment. Conditions like moisture, dust and light can contribute to deterioration of your art. Artwork may become brittle, yellowed or faded without suitable glass to protect it.

Our glass and acrylic products vary in the amount of UV protection, light reflection and light transmission they offer with different price points for each. FrameSource is happy to answer any questions you may have and assist you in making the best choice for your artwork.

Regular Glass
Non-Glare Glass
AR 70 Reflection Free Glass
AR 90 Reflection Free Glass
Conservation Glass
Museum Glass
Regular Acrylic
Conservation Clear Acrylic
Conservation Reflection Control Acrylic
Optium Acrylic
Premium Clear Acrylic

Alternatives to Glass and Acrylic

FrameSource offers several alternative finishes for art prints, posters and photography.

Emerytex laminate is a laminating film with a matte pebble textured finish which is applied directly onto the poster using a heated press. The advantages are that the artwork is lighter without glass, the paper image is protected and there is no glare. Laminate coatings are not suitable for valuable art pieces as it cannot be removed.

Gel medium is used to add a finish coat and texture to a poster or print, creating a look that mimics the texture and brushstrokes of an original painting. Since glass isn’t required, the .