Matting adds visual space and dimension to the art piece. Selecting the right mat will ensure your art is the focal point. Visual elements within your art can be highlighted through matting with scale, colour and textures.

FrameSource carries a large selection of mats and offer decorative, conservation and museum grades. Standard mats are 4 ply, and openings are cut with bevelled edge. Ask about our 8 ply mats, especially when framing photography. These are available in a stunning neutral colour palette and will take your art from wow to WOW!

Our computerized mat cutter allows us to cut crisp bevelled edges with perfect corners every time. Multiple openings can be designed and cut in a single or double mat allowing family collages and memories beautifully displayed.

Proportions in Matting
At FrameSource, we are often asked about frame and mat widths and what proportions are standard. Paying attention to widths of the frame components and ensuring they are varied is vital to avoid monotony and boredom in design.

Today, wider mat proportions are the current trend. Small sized artwork becomes an important piece in your room when framing with wide mats and narrow contemporary frames. Most importantly, don’t crowd, vary the widths of framing materials and never design the mat to echo the same width of the frame moulding.

Museum grade mats are made of cotton fibers, naturally acid and lignin-free.   As a renewable resource, cotton is an environmentally friendly option.  Museum mats are ideal when the highest levels of protection are necessary.

Conservation quality matboards are made of alpha-cellulose (wood pulp), chemically treated to eliminate the acids and lignins that can degrade the matboard and the artwork.  Suitable for minimum levels of conservation framing and as an alternative to non-conservation materials.

Decorative mats are made from wood pulp, buffered to slow damage caused by acid and lignin.  These mats are budget friendly, however not suitable for art of value or intended for preservation.

Layering mats will add even more depth to your art. White-on-white mats with a ½” reveal is an elegant style that is timeless. A neutral mat layered on a contrasting or complimentary colour adds visual interest. It should enhance your art and not overwhelm it.

For a more dramatic look, an 8 ply mat gives twice the impact than 4 ply mats. The dimension it adds serves to elevate the art to stunning!

Using oversized mat margins with narrow contemporary frames is a dramatic design choice.  Mats have the power to affect balance and steer the viewer’s eye, based on the size, color, and weight you select.

Whether you are placing small pieces on a large wall, or just want to have a little fun, using unexpected matting is a great way to add intrigue to a special piece of art in your home.  There is no need to be timid when matting.  Make a statement by taking a small piece of art to large by bottom weighting the mat.

When grouping related images on a wall, find a common thread that ties them all together.  Frames combined with the same neutral coloured mat will create a cohesive look for your collection of travel art and family photos.  Consider specialty textured and fabric mats when framing a special piece.

Art on paper is typically mounted behind the opening in the matboard and secured with specialty adhesive to protect and preserve the art.  Hinging techniques using acid free linen tape are used to mount artwork for museum and conservation framing.

Watercolours with a torn or decal edge are best float mounted on top of a mat.  For added dimension a second mat can be floated above the bottom mat and painting.

Canvases are stretched on custom made wood stretcher frames and gallery wrapped.  Float frames are used to give the illusion that the painting is floating within, while adding a finishing touch to the art.  Traditional frames and fabric liners are other options used to frame canvases.

Sports jerseys and specialty objects are custom fit and mounted into the frame ensuring that they are secure, protected and visually pleasing.  Extra mounts can be added when photos or medals are part of the display.

Art prints or large photos can be professionally drymounted to a foamcore substrate, ensuring the art lies flat within the frame.